Testimony – 58 yr old Autoimmune / Thyroid

Dr. Draper has helped me immensely. I have been a patient since 2011, and my health has been restored. My energy has increased, I have lost 50 pounds, my inflammation has lessened considerably, joints no longer hurt, allergies have decreased, anxiety diminished, sleep has returned to normal, body temperature has regulated, and I just plain feel better than I did when I started. Considerably better. And my husband says that I am now more fun!

I came to Dr. Draper because of nodules in my thyroid. My endocrinologist wanted to surgically remove my thyroid and I figured there had to be another way. I asked around, and a nurse friend recommended Dr. Draper. He immediately went to work on my adrenals and my leaky gut, and got my body detoxed. I was definitely a mess when I walked in: brain fog, overweight, exhausted and anxious. I was waking up often in the middle of the night, unable to sleep. And I was always hot. My ability to regulate my body temperature was no longer working. Dr. Draper was patient and kind with me. He took plenty of time to explain things, often over and over again. Dr. Draper has the heart of a teacher, and truly wants his patients to understand their bodies and conditions.

I made an important decision when I first started with Dr. Draper. I decided to trust him. He did some things that I didn’t really understand at first, but I decided to trust him anyway. If Dr. Draper suggested a supplement, I took it. If he gave me instructions, I did them. I came as often as he suggested, and did the treatments he recommended. For instance, I completely gave up all gluten, and a year later I also gave up dairy. Neither was easy, but I did it, and still avoid gluten and dairy. I chose to ignore the cost of the treatments and supplements, and decided not to worry about the money. I began to feel much better in a few months. And looking back, it was worth every single penny I spent.

Dr. Draper has several rather unique qualities in a health practitioner. He is always studying, and always learning. And he listens. If I learn something new, he listens to what I have to say. And if I have a problem he knows nothing about, he goes home, researches it, and comes back with an answer. At times he talks with other practitioners, to find solutions to my issues. Also, Dr. Draper spends plenty of time with his patients. How rare is that in today’s medical world? He is a caring man, and he makes his patients feel valued. Another thing I really appreciate about him is that he does not prolong the treatments. Once I began to get better and no longer need to take a supplement, he stopped it. And he tapered off my visits, and soon I did not need to come as often. It was not too long before I was on a maintenance schedule of only coming once every 6 weeks. And now I am up to 8. I only take 2 supplements now, both of which I was taking before I started with him: probiotics and Vitamin B.

I should also mention Dr. Draper’s helper Sharon, his wonderful wife. Sharon Draper runs the office, helps her husband, and is a warm and welcoming greeter to patients. She is a great asset to his practice. The two of them make a great team.

Testimony – 78 yr old Male Peripheral Neuropathy

I was heading for a wheel chair when I first met Dr. Draper. I also had extreme numbness and swelling in my ankles and feet. In fact my ankles and feet were a dark purple color due to the lack of circulation. I could not stand easily and would lose my balance without the assistance of a cane or walker. As you could imagine, this made all every day events difficult; from walking to the bathroom to driving a car.

Although I live in another state, I came to see Dr. Draper. Honestly, I couldn’t see him as often as I would have liked. Over some time, I noticed that I no longer needed the walker and only required a cane.

The biggest push for me in admitting I needed more help was when I fell off of a segway when traveling abroad for my honeymoon. I couldn’t feel my feet well enough. The wound I received on my calf began to heal very slowly which is not a good indicator of my health.

I contacted Dr. Draper as soon as I arrived back in the US. Dr. Draper said that very specific blood tests and natural supplementation was going to be the best course of action to aggressively turn things around. I also was dealing with Type II diabetes, which I could not control. I agreed that both situations needed to be addressed at the same time.

Since that point, I have had two sets of blood tests and have been on my supplements regularly. I purchased an oxygen concentrator and foot detox machine for my home as well. I still see Dr. Draper as often as I can to ensure I stay on the right track.

I am glad to say that I no longer need the assistance of a cane. My feet and ankles no longer swell, and I now can ride my bicycle without the fear of falling. My diabetes is more manageable and I feel 85-90% better.

Dr. Draper and I have an ongoing relationship which I plan to keep as long as possible.

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